East Location - 902 E 17th St. East, Columbus, NE

Our EAST location is conveniently located on the East side of Columbus just 6 blocks south of Walmart. Our 4 buildings house traditional storage units that are clean, well-maintained, and located just West of the Platte County Jail making security a huge benefit for the neighborhood.  We have been voted THE BEST OF COLUMBUS many times, and we thank you for that!


East Location provides 128 storage units ranging from sizes 5'x10' to 12'x30'. Because these units have entry from the outside we call them Traditional Storage Units, as opposed to Climate Control Storage Units (see our North Location).  We give you a high quality cylinder lock that is build into the latch.  Since our opening in 2002 we have had no breakins mainly because of the locks and location. We also pride ourselves on having the widest doors possible for ease of entry. The bright security driveway lighting helps you see what you are doing and helps deter vandals from snooping around.

Traditional Units: 

Sizes we offer:










More Details:

Different Door Sizes:

4ft wide door (5x10 units)
5ft wide door (7x10 units)
8ft wide door (10x10, 10x15 units)
9ft wide door (10x20 units)
10ft wide door (all other units are 12ft wide) 

All buildings drain underground [so driveways stay drier], have perimeter lighting, security fencing, wide sidewalks, and extra wide driveways for trailers with wide turns.  Our beautiful and well-kept landscaping say we care, and the cylinder locks we provide on each door use a round key- this eliminates any lock hanging so nothing can be cut. High security is our top priority.

All units in both locations have a 1-month minimum stay.
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