North Location - 2611 38th St. Columbus, NE

Our North location is a one-of-a-kind in Columbus. We are the only climate control storage facility in the city!  Although there are a few Traditional Storage Units on the outside, we have 160 climate controlled storage units inside of the building. Located on the North side of town, our site is incredibly handy for stopping in whenever you want!


NEWS UPDATE: Beginning in March 2019, we will begin a 4 month construction process on another Climate Control building at the same site.  If you want to be put on the waiting list for that building, please email or text us for more discussion about sizes, prices, and info.  It will be our most eco-efficient building yet keeping our rates most reasonable.

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Climate Control Units:​

Sizes we offer: 

5x10          10x15     
7x10          10x18
5x15          10x20
10x10        10x25
10x12        10x30

 Each unit is heated or cooled to control dust, humidity, and assure air circulation. Perfect for artwork, flat-screen televisions, all electronics, and those priceless antiques. When storing in one of our climate controlled units, your valuables will be protected from temperature swings that can damage wood furniture, electronics, and various forms of plastic and wax.

Entry into the building is secured with key-pad entry and security cameras.  So, you won’t have to worry about the safety and security of your belongings.  Your valuables are safe with us. Guaranteed.

These units go fast!  Contact us to reserve your storage unit, either traditional or climate controlled unit, before they are all booked up.

Traditional Units:

Sizes we offer: 

More details:

Different Door Sizes:

4ft wide door
5ft wide door
8ft wide door


All buildings roof water drains underground [so driveways stay drier], have perimeter lighting, wide sidewalks, and extra wide driveways for trailers with wide turns.  Our beautiful and well-kept landscaping says we care, and the shaft locks we use on each door have a round key- this eliminates any padlock hanging so nothing can be cut. High security is our top priority.
Our floors are kept squeeky clean and all air filters eliminate any dust in the air. There are multiple cameras in and around the facility for 24/7 security. 

All units at both locations have a 1-month minimum stay.
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